Physical Therapy

Gain flexibility, Strengthen your muscle tone, Improve your posture and balance

With more than 35 years in direct care and physical therapy experience, Nancy integrates physical therapy into her practice to maximize strength and range of motion, improve posture, gait patterns and balance, and maximize overall movement.  Nancy provides rehabilitation to those with back pain chronic disabilities, neurological disorders, joint replacement, and acute injuries as well as those who need gait training.  (Nancy has personal experience with joint replacement, back pain and shoulder surgery.)  By receiving your physical therapy at Elite Integrated Medicine, you’ll have individualized, one on one care with no distractions in a private, quiet setting.  Now, many insurance companies list us as “in-network” providers.

Using gentle movement from Qigong, Nancy will transform the way you think about physical therapy. Incorporating this traditional Chinese meditative movement practice into your lifestyle can increase circulation, relieve stress and fatigue, and aid in reducing and minimizing ailments such as back pain, joint pain, arthritis and sciatica. In addition, it can boost the immune system and lead to improved sports performance with increased strength, concentration and clarity.  Zero Balancing (described elsewhere ) is also a covered physical therapy procedure. Physical therapy services not only alleviate movement and function impairments, it also prevents injuries, promotes the maintenance of health and well-being and engages the patient in working toward maintaining their health in partnership with the therapist



Nancy also provides physical therapy to older adults through SUREsteps, a private organization that provides in-home care evaluations and treatment under part B Medicare. Nancy has been with SUREsteps since 2002, specializing in pain management.

Ask your physician to fax a referral to  919-324-6629 and specifically request Nancy Davison by name. For questions on insurance coverage, contact Nancy directly.

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