Insurance coverage

For this past year I have been billing insurance companies for physical therapy services which include:  Zero Balancing (body work), exercises, walking patterns and activities of daily living and most programs cover physical therapy. Coverage varies regarding allowable charges and co-pays/deductibles but your insurance should help.

For Acupuncture, I am now fully approved as an in network provider for acupuncture by United Healthcare if your policy covers acupuncture (may very regarding covered diagnoses).

We’ll work with you to help you get the services you need.


Medical Qigong and Reiki available at Elite Integrated Medicine Office (evenings/weekends)

Michael Hronas,  QiGong Institute of Healing and Wellness, Medical Qigong Practitioner. He provides healing medical qigong, teaches Tai Chi and incorporates Reiki in his practice.  Contact Michael at (919) 348-9911

Alice Osborn, Reiki Master Practitioner of Reiki for Creativity  (919) 971-9414  She spreads her warm healing energy throughout our office.  web

Welcome to both of you.






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