New Aging Thinking

Do you hear yourself (or other people) saying too often, “What Can I expect, I’m getting older?”

Too many people expect to lose strength and energy, to have pain and mental deterioration as they years accumulate.  What we expect is often what happens so, let’s change our expectations.  As we approach the 4th Quarter of our lives, the plans we had may no longer be relevant – they can change in an instant: disappearing retirement funds, job loss, natural disasters, changed relationships, illness.  Many folks are not prepared to live another 25 or 30 years after they “retire”.  We have experience and wisdom that only come with age – we are valuable.  We can retire TO something, not just FROM something.  At last we can truly be or do what we WANT to do.  If we stay excited about life, we are more likely to enjoy our life.  Let’s find a new way to think about aging i.e. New AgeING Thinking or, better yet,  New Ageless Thinking.

Nancy has initiatied a series of programs that can generate an enthusiastic appreciation and respect in ourselves and others for the experience and widsom that come from years of active participation in life by:

Promoting positive thinking toward more creative possibilities
Providing informative fun, education programs for a variety of participants
Exploring numerous issues related to aging.
These seminars will be held on the second (2nd) Saturday of every month at the Team Nimbus Business Center.  Nancy will be inviting a wide variety of unique speakers to participate with her in leading the programs that are informative, fun and enlightening.  Some of the topics already in process are:
Achieving Optimal Health
Getting a Good Night Sleep
Making the Money Last
Maintain Youthful Posture and Balance
Your Ideal Weight Empowers your Future
Stimulating Memory
Alternative Living possibilities
Fun Ways to Exercise
The Legacy we Leave Behind
Rethinking Spiritual Issues
Freedom from Clutter.

Please contact me with other ideas or possible speakers. This can be an exciting program that could go on endlessly.
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